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EIX: Keeping Virtual Attendees Engaged

It’s going to be ok – it really is. A virtual event isn't a consolation prize. It is something to be designed with a human-centered approach. Even if it is being held in place of a live event, it should still deliver a winning experience for the participant. And it can.

Watch Keeping Virtual Attendees Engaged, the Event Innovators Exchange (EIX) recording from April 1, 2020 to hear recommendations from 360 Live Media. Get tips on:

  • How to make content digestible
  • Scheduling and run of show best practices
  • Audio requirements and techniques
  • Technology and tools that engage and connect audiences
  • and more.

Virtual Event Checklist for Speakers

To help association teams host the best virtual event imaginable, we put together a checklist that you can send to your virtual event speakers. It will assure that they present in a quiet, uncluttered, lit room, and that they bring energy and professionalism to the table.

Virtual Event Planner Tips

The EIX community has been test-driving virtual event features and experimenting with different learning methodologies in order to identify opportunities to incorporate engaging experiences into our events.

Here is what we learned during this Zoom meeting that you can apply to your virtual events:

  1. You can’t have too many technical rehearsals to ensure everything works correctly
  2. Tools in beta are glitchy, but the audience is forgiving if you set expectations correctly
  3. It’s ok to not take ourselves too seriously and make room for a little fun!

We really appreciate you experimenting along with us, it is fun to try out new features each week while providing helpful content.

How do you launch a virtual event?

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