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5 Reasons This Virtual Conference Marketing Plan Rocks

Collision is one of the fastest-growing tech conferences. Now in its fifth year, Collision has grown to more than 30,000 attendees, 600 speakers, and 16 tracks.This year is the first time that they are moving to a virtual-only event.

And I love their new virtual event brand; they're calling it Collision from Home. It's so basic, specific, and compelling.

This virtual conference marketing plan has gotten so many other things right that you can apply to your own association conference and trade show. Let's take a look.

1. The messaging is positive.

Collision is designed to bring people together. And so is Collision from Home.

In communications issued by the company they state, "Times may be uncertain, but one thing remains true. There's a simple power in people coming together." Their update continues, "Sometimes incredible things happen when we get together – whether it's online or off."

Their message is optimistic and focused on the future. They're owning their new place in the market, moving full speed ahead, and staying positive. And positivity is exactly what the world needs right now.

2. The visuals provide product specificity.

Collision From Home Social Media Post

It's essential to adapt your creative to reflect your new virtual event. This image was shared on Collision’s social channels, and it's quite intriguing.

What I like is that there's no question about what the product is that they are selling. After viewing this image for 5 seconds, the prospective attendee will distill that this event is going to provide insights from thought leaders, is accessible via your computer, and enjoyed in the safety and comfort of your home.

Keep in mind; a virtual event reduces the barriers to entry. As marketers, we can now reach a larger audience, including a nontraditional audience, and an international audience. As always, creative that shows diversity is a best practice.

3. Social media posts promote tracks and speakers.

Collision From Home Social Media Post

Unpacking an event and highlighting its features and benefits is a great marketing tactic. Collision from Home posted their investor track and startup program on Twitter and it helped to bring clarity and specificity to the unique features of the event.

I also like their use of candid images instead of headshots, because it humanizes the speakers. I feel like I can better relate to the speakers because they look personable, friendly, and approachable.

4. Features and benefits are prominent on the website.

There's a lot that goes into the experience design of a virtual event, and marketers need to be plugged in to understand these features and communicate the benefits.

Collision from Home’s website brings the virtual experience to life by highlighting the unique features and benefits that make it relevant and engaging for prospective attendees.

Collision From Home Benefits

5.   Attendees receive a risk-free guarantee.

Not everyone has participated in a virtual conference, so providing them a risk-free opportunity will help support attendee acquisition.

Collision from Home made an announcement 3.5 months before their event that they were transitioning it to virtual. And simultaneously, they made a fantastic, and irresistible offer."…While Collision will still take place online, as Collision from Home, all our attendees will still get full transfers of their tickets to Collision 2021. Alternatively, attendees can request a full refund on their tickets from today or up to 30 days after attending Collision from Home online."

"In other words, there is no risk in attending Collision from Home. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised – if not, you can apply for a full refund.

"While they admit that the technology won't be perfect, they're making a commitment to quality and satisfaction – not only offering a transfer of tickets to 2021, but an opportunity to experience the event online in 2020.This strategy keeps people engaged in 2020. And this offer prevents people from requesting a full refund because they're continuing to receive value.

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  5. Provide clarity.
  6. Simplify the message.
  7. Set expectations.
  8. Launch a takeover banner.
  9. Talk tech.
  10. Revise your content strategy.

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