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How to Transform Your Next Event from a 4G Experience to 5G

I recently read about a man who takes apart 5G technology and sells his insights to companies who want to understand how it works so they can build similar or better technology. This deconstruction is a process of reverse engineering that a tech firm can use to accelerate their success and best practice what's working... and what’s not.

Think about your next major event the same way. Will you be using old technology, previous ways of designing and programming, which is the equivalent of 4G (4th Generation) in a 5G world? 5G is reported to be 10x faster than prior technology, a full order of magnitude faster. While you don’t need to be 10x better than your 2019, 2020 or 2021 event, why not 2x better? And what constitutes better? For starters consider 2x better on any one of the 6Rs (360 Live Media’s proprietary metrics dashboard) referring to:

  1. Audience REACH
  2. Year over year RETENTION
  3. Degree of individual RELEVANCE
  4. The strength of your REPUTATION
  5. How much REVENUE you generate
  6. Your overall ROI

See for yourself by taking this free self-assessment of your last event using our scorecard. From there you can decide on what your baseline is and start reimagining your next event as a 5G experience that brings back your previous audience and attracts a much larger new audience given your new-and-improved experience.

Look no further than the most recent SXSW digital event to see how one organization raised the bar by recreating the feeling of discovery through multiple channels of content; brought a new level of authenticity to the experience; offered fun experiences and cool swag, and made the event accessible to all, through nearly every imaginable media channel.

To learn more about what made SXSW a 5G experience, join Beth Surmont, 360’s VP of business event strategy and design, for the 2021 launch of our monthly EIX series. Beth and team will unpack SXSW insights, new best practices, and lead a true reverse engineering that you can use to start thinking about how your next event will be the beginning of a new era for your organization.

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