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Three Questions You Should Ask Your Team...and Yourself!

I’ve found over the years that there really are only three questions (plus a bonus question I’ve recently added) that cut to the chase when it comes to being sure everyone on my team is well positioned for success.

Before I share these questions I want to highlight how important it is today to know the answers to these questions because we are in uncharted territory when it comes to the skills, expertise, knowledge, and mindset required to power through the next 18 months. By now, most of us agree that there will be enough that’s different going forward to warrant a re-think re: how we lead, what resources our teams need, and the time required to retool and be ready for a new way of designing, planning, and delivering events, conferences, and trade shows. are the questions you can ask everyone who works for you (or that you can ask yourself).

     1. Do you know what to do?

     2. Do you know how to do it?

     3. Do you want to do it?

And the newest question:

     4. Do you know why this must be done?

If anyone doesn’t know what to do, it's the role of the leader to ensure there is a clear objective and roadmap. This may the the trickiest question for your team to answer given the uncertainly of the next year.

If anyone on your team knows what to do, but not how to do it, that’s understandable given that 70% of meeting planners expect their next event to be virtual and the last 12 months haven’t provided the best roadmap to follow. It’s our job as managers and leaders to make sure the “how” is well understood and the tools, resources, and outside help are leveraged to teach, train, and support every individual so they are equipped to succeed.

“Do you want to do it?” is the hard question and must be addressed compassionately given it is THE question. The changes thrust upon so many people in the events industry has many pondering if what’s next is what they want.

Which leads to the bonus question which is central to the other three: Why? Why do I want to do what it takes; why do I want to work the extra hours to learn; why do I want to sacrifice? As we know, no one can answer the what or how question and especially the “want to” question without a clear “why.”

So, as we all enter this next era, let’s ask ourselves these four questions. Ask each other, too.

My team and I have cracked the code as much as anyone on what to do and how to do it. It’s a great feeling and we’re ready to help anyone who wants to enter this new era of reinvention that comes once in a career.


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