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Red Alert for the Events Industry

Every one of you reading this cares about events, venues, hospitality, trade shows, and the thousands of companies, organizers and most importantly the millions of people that our industry serves and employs.

And while we are all heads-down trying to figure out our own path forward, the UK events industry serves as a source of inspiration for what is possible.

Music venues, theaters, event venues (over 300 in all including The Royal Albert Hall, The Tate, and Wembley Stadium); artists like Leona Lewis and New Order, and event producers, staff and organizers turned London red with a public awareness campaign called Red Alert.

This campaign showcases the value of the events industry on the economy, employment, and the need for social cohesion that is missing now from our society.

Events bring people together with an intense mutual interest in a topic, passion, pursuit, and purpose.

Events unite individuals to celebrate a passion, to worship, to learn, to shop, to advance a social cause, to conduct business, to network and to grow.

Social cohesion is the connective tissue of civilization - it’s what makes us civil and united as a society.

Congratulations to the UK events industry for showcasing the people who work behind the scenes; highlighting the venues, and gathering places and promoting the economic power and purpose that events provide.

If you work in the events industry, you know that events matter. We need to plan and prepare for the pent up demand that will be unleashed once we have a vaccine, it’s safe to travel and we all have the confidence to be closer than six feet to one another.

Until then, let’s do what we can to make the events we are planning and attending work harder and be better.

What’s the alternative?

Don Neal

Founder & CEO

360 Live Media

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