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EIX: Marketing and Messaging to Virtual Attendees

It's a complicated time to be marketing events. How do you best tell your story and communicate the value proposition for joining online?

Watch Marketing and Messaging to Virtual Event Attendees, the Event Innovators Exchange (EIX) recording from April 8, 2020 to hear recommendations from 360 Live Media.

Virtual Event Marketing Thought Starters

We are better when we work together. And we’re hoping to inspire a cross-departmental approach, demonstrating the inherent value of meeting planners working in tandem with marketing teams during all stages of the event planning process to build better association events.

To help association teams develop a marketing strategy for their new virtual events, we put together a list of thought-starters that you can use to collaborate on planning your next dynamic virtual event.

The EIX community has been test-driving virtual event features in order to identify opportunities to incorporate engaging experiences into our events.

Here is what we learned during the Zoom meeting that you can apply to your virtual events:

  1. We aren’t in love with Zoom meeting breakout rooms. We agree that a moderator is mandatory, and depending on the size of your session, you could need a lot of staff to serve as moderators.
  2. Zoom meeting breakout rooms have a lot of variables that end up being out of your control, and part of delivering a successful virtual event is controlling as much as possible. Proceed with caution.
  3. If people choose to not go into the breakout rooms, then it is important to have some kind of main room content for them to view. Otherwise, they are just watching us awkwardly stare at each other.
  4. We really love seeing the community engage and help each other out in the chat. We miss the two-way interaction of the in-person EIX sessions and we are trying to figure out some new ways for all of us to engage with each other and share ideas during these. Let us know if you have any ideas by commenting below!
  5. We like Slido for Q&A.

We really appreciate you experimenting along with us, it is fun to try out new features each week while providing helpful content.

How do you launch a virtual event?

We love to help the association community. Contact us for a 1-hour free virtual event consultation.

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