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Infographic: 6 Weeks to Omnichannel

With a little planning, your organization can identify and organize existing assets to shift to a true omnichannel approach.

Week 1

Identify Team—one lead from each line of operations that is customer-facing

Set Objectives and metrics for success

Decide on launch date

Action Plan: complete campaign and audience jobs template

Week 2

Review audiences—agree on 5–7

Review campaigns—note areas of overlap

Action Plan: Return the following week with adjusted campaign planning for determined audiences.

Week 3

Align on campaigns, channels, release dates, and data collection

Action Plan: Begin internal planning

Week 4

Provide updates on status

Develop messaging

Action Plan: Adjust as needed

Week 5

Provide updates on status and messaging

Action Plan: Adjust as needed

Week 6: Launch

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Download Campaign and Audience Job Templates

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