Tara Burgess

Chief Operating Officer

From an early age, Tara Burgess had a hunch she’d someday specialize in process and operations. It was evident early on in the orderly rows of M&Ms she used to lay out as a child, sorted by color and arranged for most economical consumption. Or the constant rearranging of her mom’s kitchen to ensure peak efficiency and convenience.

It’s this natural affinity for enhanced processes and streamlined systems that made Tara a natural as 360 Live Media’s Chief Operating Officer. Here, she not only keeps the trains running on time, but ensures they’re in top working order and the passengers are happy and content.

Tara, you see, is on a mission to enhance and improve the experiences of everyone who comes in contact with 360 Live Media—be it team members, clients, vendors, stakeholders, or even the guy who services the agency’s printers.

Previously, Tara worked 11 years at a digital marketing agency based in Arlington, Virginia, growing with the organization during two acquisitions. There she supervised a talented team of financial and administrative staff where they increased operational performance, created pricing methodologies, and collaborated with the account team ensuring consistently competitive and profitable client services.

Most recently she led finance and operations for Leadership Roundtable, a nonprofit that promotes best practices and accountability in the management, finances, communications, and human resources development of the Catholic Church. To continue to advance their mission, she volunteers her time serving on the Board’s Finance and Audit Committees.

Tara is originally from Texas and attended high school in Bentonville, Arkansas (Yes, the home of Wal-Mart). She received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management and her MBA at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.  She met her husband while attending college and they moved to Washington, DC in 2008. During the week, you can find them on Capitol Hill walking their goldendoodle, Millie. On the weekends, the three of them load up the car and head to St. Michaels, MD for boating and bingo!