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Would Anyone Miss Your Event If It Never Came Back From COVID?

Even if the world beats a path to your event next year, will they be blown away by the new, irresistible event that is so WOW they just can’t contain themselves?

Here are the 6 must-haves in 2022 that will make your next in-person event attendance worthy:

  1. Star power
  2. Surprise and delight
  3. No friction
  4. Next-level programming
  5. A trade show that’s more QVC-meets-game-show than the old-fashioned Mall of America aisles and smiles
  6. A compelling digital element

But first, and above all, you must believe that growth is possible. And here’s the real issue. In the words of Ricky Bobby, if you’re not first your last. If you’re not planning to grow, you will contract.

Let’s unpack the main reason why growth may not be possible by using the Six Sigma tool called the 5 Whys. Here we go:

Problem: Our event isn’t expected to grow by at least 10+% in 2022.

  1. Why: We can’t attract a large enough audience
  2. Why: We’re not attractive
  3. Why: We are risk averse and won’t invest in the 6 must-haves that are required
  4. Why: There are too many unknowns to take the risk
  5. Why: Our leadership isn’t willing to make a decision in the absence of complete information

So, the root cause of why your event won’t grow starts with the fear of making a decision in the absence of complete information. The good news is that can change. If you believe growth is possible and you plan on it, the 6 must-haves will get you there.

This message will resonate with some, but not many, non-profit leaders. The question is now in your court. The question is: how much would your audience miss your event if it doesn’t happen? And how much would you miss the financial, reputational, and community building power of your event if it didn’t exist?


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