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There’s No Going Back…and We Shouldn’t Want to!

Your next major event in 2022 has to be the best event your organization has ever hosted - for all the reasons you know as well I. Revenue, organizational relevance, the fundamental need for your membership to convene and for your supplier community to be able to rely on you as a viable marketplace for the future.

Among all of the things that must happen for your 2022 to be indispensable and irresistible, regardless of in-person, digital, hybrid or omnichannel, The ONE thing you must accomplish is that the bar must be higher than ever before for your audience to notice you, want to attend and to stick around.

You have to be more Hollywood, more Madison Avenue and more Broadway to be as attractive as you must to attract an audience that is so over staring at a screen, or who dreads sitting in a ballroom listening to a speaker drone on…or worse hearing who won what award that no one cares about except the winner and her parents.

Ever wonder how a theatrical artistic director curates a performing arts season? How an actor can captivate your attention for 90 minutes? Why we pay hundreds of dollars for a 90 minute performance or what it takes to make a must-watch play irresistible? Well, wonder no more.

Simon Godwin is among the top artistic directors in the world, he’s making Shakespeare modern, relevant and cool, and he’s going to share how he does it…with you…and me on September 15th. Simon and I will host an “Inspiring Conversation” with me as the translator for how what Simons genius can help you plan YOUR 2022 event season.

I promise that you won’t want to miss hearing how Simon has reimagined the Washington D.C. Shakespeare Theater Company and how you can apply what he’s doing to your next major event. You’ll be amazed at how similar the theater is to your event, conference and trade show.

We are not charging for this special digital interview, it’s going to be fun, you’ll love Simon and get to ask him, and me anything you’d like to know.

To learn more and register just click here.

See you on September 15th. Please send me any questions you’d like us to address any time up to and during this program.


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