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EIX: Ask Us Anything—Virtual Event Therapy Hour

We know event planners and marketers have a million questions about how to transition their live event program to virtual, how to communicate the change, and how to successfully host an engaging virtual experience.360 Live Media hosted a webinar to help association professionals navigate these challenges. Watch Ask Us Anything—Virtual Event Therapy Hour, the Event Innovators Exchange (EIX) recording from April 15, 2020 to hear recommendations from 360 Live Media.

Thank you, panelists:

  • Maricela Cantu, Director of Professional Development at Sophe the Society for Public Health Education
  • Beth Surmont, Director of Experience Design, 360 Live Media
  • Carmen Sylvester, Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development at the American Chemistry Council
  • Bill Zimmer, VP of Strategy, 360 Live Media

Virtual Event Conversation Starters for Leadership

To help event teams and executives start the conversation about whether to go virtual with their event, 360 Live Media has put together a list of 10 thought-starters that you can use to focus your attention on the most meaningful components.

Virtual Event Tips

Here is what we learned during the Zoom meeting that you can apply to your virtual events:

  1. Especially in this current state, technology will fail sometimes. As long as you have properly prepared your presenters and team to troubleshoot and deal with common issues, like losing your connection, you will be fine.
  2. Have a backchannel for contacting each other that is outside of the tool, like a text group or other chat function in a different tool.
  3. Adding new voices from outside of your organization can make for a richer and more interesting conversation.
  4. We like Slido for Q&A. Its really great to gauge what questions are the most meaningful for the majority of the attendees, because it allows the community to upvote.
  5. Virtual event attendees are forgiving right now. Try new things, take risks, and view your event through a new and innovative lens.

We really appreciate you experimenting along with us, it is fun to try out new features each week while providing helpful content.

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