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360 Live Media Wins Two Hermes Creative Awards for Branding and Marketing

We’re proud to announce that 360 Live Media has recently won two Hermes Creative Awards! These accolades honor creators who bring ideas to life through traditional and digital platforms.

Highlighting our expertise in event branding and event marketing, we are thrilled to celebrate our incredible clients and their visions, alongside our dynamic creative team that makes it all possible.

Event Branding: National Restaurant Association – The Table

The National Restaurant Association, the largest foodservice trade association in the world, tasked us with creating a unique event to connect four distinct expert groups. Our challenge? To develop a program that fostered collaboration and unforgettable experiences within a two-month period.

Through strategic planning, brand development, and experience design, we crafted "The Table." This event concept captured the essence of the industry by framing everything through the lens of a restaurant. From staff dressed as servers to themed session rooms, every detail aimed to unify a diverse audience. But the magic wasn't just in the theme; attendees overwhelmingly rated networking as the most valuable aspect, highlighting the success of our strategy.

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Nonprofit Event Marketing Campaign – NPE2024

The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) partnered with 360 Live Media to breathe new life into their signature event, NPE2024: The Plastics Show. After a six-year hiatus, the goal became to attract the largest audience, reunite the entire plastics industry in one place, and create a personalized campaign that spoke to different parts of the industry.

We developed a comprehensive marketing strategy, anchored by the theme "Made for You." This theme emphasized the universality of plastics and resonated with a broad audience. Our fully integrated campaign spanned website development, social media engagement, digital advertising, and strategic partnerships.

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Thank you to Hermes Creative Awards for this recognition. We are passionate about crafting exceptional experiences for our clients, and these awards motivate us to continue exceeding expectations!

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