Designing a bold, new organizational identity

How ABA became American Beverage

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A fresh look

The core strength of the beverage industry is its spirit of innovation. That’s because America’s leading beverage companies are always seeking to advance meaningful solutions to societal challenges, which includes new ways to collaborate with community partners, government stakeholders, and advocacy groups to make a positive impact. As a result, the industry has a long history of driving solutions together that support their customers, consumers, and communities.

Additionally, a hallmark of the beverage industry is its members’ willingness to put competition aside and work together on issues of importance. The American Beverage Association recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and made the strategic decision to leverage this milestone to develop a cohesive and integrated brand identity for the organization, its charitable foundation and its political action committee.

Though a rigorous process including in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and market research, 360 Live Media led the development of a new brand identity and positioning for the American Beverage Association.

Designing a bold new organizational brand identity

American Beverage


A bright and refreshing new look

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