Apr 2019

XDP 2019

Experience Design
Event Strategy
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XDP 2019

A Bold and Creative Space

XDP is all about creativity, design, and learning how to deliver an experience to your event attendees. The visuals had to match the playful and creative atmosphere of the event. Every design told a story and incorporated visual jokes and easter eggs for attendees to enjoy.

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Scene of various colorful 3d shapes interacting
Abstract scene of red 3d shapes making up a conference stage
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The Concept

Unpacking Events

Ever tried recreating a masterpiece? Oftentimes people get stuck without knowing where to start. XDP has always been a high-quality event meant to inspire. In addition to providing inspiration, the goal of XDP 2019: Unpacked was to break down event design into core reproducible elements. Just like every masterful work of art can be broken down into basic elements of design (Form, shape, line, and color), inspirational experiences are also much simpler than they may seem.

The Program

More than a Program

We designed the event program called the XDP Playbook. The goal of the playbook was to create a resource that would have utility long after the event had ended. It was filled with tips and activities to help attendees keep track of their thoughts, learnings, and experience.

3d rendering of three sculture busts wearing sunglasses behind three colorful mountains
Open spread of the XDP 2019 event playbook
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On Site

XDP in 3D

We provided an asset pack including 2D illustrations and 3D graphics, which enabled the ASAE team and their partners to build the sets and elements of the live experience.

Project Gallery

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