Jun 2021

E3 2021

Event Strategy
Experience Design
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Did you see E3?

For the first time ever, the ESA put on a fully digital E3. With help from the creative and marketing teams of 360 Live Media, E3 managed to reach one of the largest audiences ever. Bold, edgy, and vibrant, the visual identity of E3 2021 served as a dramatic backdrop in promotional materials and for the event itself.

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E3 2021 stage with dramatic lighting
E3 2021 website homepage animation
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Ripe for Hype

In 2020, for the first time since 1995, E3 was canceled due to COVID-19. Anticipation was high for the packed E3 2021 program.

E3 for All

There's no such thing as a typical gamer. One challenge in producing E3 marketing materials was representing the diversity of games and the people who play them. For E3, the logo became a foil that reflected games and gamers throughout the industry .

Tablet with promotional email for E3 2021
Grid of E3 2021 logos in various styles
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A Digital Event for a Digital World

Really, what could be more natural than a digital E3? For an audience used to connecting, creating, and collaborating digitally, the digital E3 was a natural extension. With the Tetris-inspired set, at times it seemed almost as if the hosts of E3 stepped right into the digital world itself.

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