Mar 2020


Event Strategy
Experience Design
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We created a theme and visual identity that simultaneously represented the complexity of the banking industry and depicted CBA LIVE as the must-attend conference for clarity and answers. The theme visuals also had to be simple and flexible enough to easily recreate for a variety of executions.

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View of an angled screen with the CBA LIVE 2020 textures and a blue asterisk
CBA LIVE 2020 stage with speakers and branded textures and asterisk on the screen
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The Theme
A Mark of Disambiguation

We leveraged the symbol of an asterisk to anchor the event theme narrative and inspire the mark for this event.

In the same way that an asterisk promises a reader that there are further details and clarification ahead, attendees could look to CBA LIVE for answers to the big questions circling in the banking industry right now.

Bold and Minimalistic

The theme used a simple color palette, a small set of vector shapes and icons, and a bold and familiar font. The vector patterns created a sense of visual noise and complexity while the blue asterisk cut through the noise and provided direction and clarity.

Phone with branded CBA LIVE 2020 email signature on screen
Conference badge branded for CBA LIVE 2020
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