Nov 2020


Event Strategy
Experience Design
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Designing ASCEND

360 Live Media designed ASCEND, in typical space exploration fashion, from the ground up. Starting three years ago with a simple idea to expand the conversation surrounding the future of space, AIAA and 360 Live Media developed a new event to accelerate the building of humanity's off-world future.

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ASCEND logo sketches in sketchbook
ASCEND logo sketches on a computer screen
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Space for Interaction

360 Live Media named and designed the event brand, created the strategic event framework on which the curriculum was crafted, and built and launched the integrated marketing campaign and website that attracted 3000+ people from around the world to attend the inaugural ASCEND event.

Engineers, venture capitalists, professors, students, business executives, lawyers, real estate developers, and more attended this truly diverse and global experience.

Houston, We have a problem.

While originally designed as an in-person event in Las Vegas, COVID19 forced ASCEND online. 360 Live Media helped ensure ASCEND's seamless transition to a virtual event.

Astronaut standing by the entrance to the virtual ASCEND event
Laptop screen showing a session from the virtual event ASCEND
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