Jan 2021


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American Beverage

Refreshing the Brand

Always a forward thinking association, American Beverage was looking for a new look that would modernize the brand and represent the innovative work in which they engage.

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The Mark

Going with the flow

Because American Beverage has brand touchpoints across a wide range of media, the new logo had to be clean, simple, and adaptable. The new logo significantly reduces the detailing and complexity of the previous look, while retaining some subtle imagery (a liquid drop) that alludes to the industry.

The Colors

A real "palette" cleanser

Moving away from the more traditional red, white, and blue, the new American Beverage color palette utilizes vibrant hues to convey vitality, innovation, and freshness.

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Crystal Clarity

In the exploration process, we put the logo on just about everything (you should see Bill's tattoo) to ensure that the elegance and simplicity of the brand functioned well in a wide variety of executions.

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