June 25, 2018

When Is the Best Time to Plant a Tree?

Most of us have heard the answer... the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.What tree didn’t you plant 20 years ago? Maybe you’re better off for some of the trees that you didn’t plant. In either case, those trees weren’t planted. So what? The question is, what tree can you plant today? What seeds have you been carrying that are waiting for the soil, water, and sunlight to grow?We all have a few—business seeds, relationship seeds, financial seeds, health seeds.Thinking about what you need to plant as a seed is a lot easier than worrying about the tree it might become and how long it will take to grow. The next twenty years will be here just as fast as the past twenty years have passed. How about just two years? A lot of growing can happen in a short period of time. You may start to see early growth in just two months.I wish I acted more from a place of enlightened vision, where I thought about the fruit and shade of a tree that I and others could enjoy 20 years from now. But the truth is, like most of us, I usually take action because there’s a catalyst, a trigger, or a spark that ignites a pressure point. But there are also those times when the seeds I’ve been carrying get heavy, and I decide to plant, just for the sheer joy of planting.How about you? What trees are you sitting under, and what fruit are you enjoying? Who planted them? Maybe you’re taking care of someone else’s trees. Nothing wrong with that.But maybe today is the day you plant that tree for someone else to enjoy and learn from, but whose shade you may never feel.

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