November 21, 2017

What we’re thankful for

Inspired by Don Neal’s blog on gratitude that hit our inboxes earlier this week, I wanted to see what the 360 Live Media team is thankful for. Here is a look at a few of the things we are celebrating this Thanksgiving:

360 Live Media, Florence Lee


“I’m thankful for the beauty—natural and human-made—that I’ve seen this year.”

360 Live Media, Stephanie Hummel


“I’m thankful for these two amazing men in my life (my husband and my baby), who make me laugh and smile constantly, take care of me, and who truly make me want to be a better human. They’ve both shown me how to love in a way I never thought was even possible, and I’m so thankful for my little family.”


“Creative friends who inspire me to engage with the world.”

360 Live Media, Holly Young


“I am thankful for my incredibly supportive husband and my energetic corgi. There is never a dull moment and I can’t imagine life without them both by my side.”

360 Live Media, Bill Zimmer


“For my family—for their endless support, plenty of laughs and unconditional love. Thank you for all that you do for me!”


“I am thankful for being able, capable, and acknowledging my value.I am worth it. I have only one life, one body, one mind. I am thankful for having the drive to commit to my health and wellness and the steps I’ve taken this year for self-care.And in case you need a reminder… YOU are worth it too.”


“Not necessarily in this order: Family. Nando's. My friends. My church. All sorts of stuff!”

360 Live Media, Lauren Osakwe


“I’m thankful for my husband, Emeka, who makes me laugh and love with abandon; for my family, who encourage and support me each day; and for my 360 team, who gave me the opportunity to spend the last three months on sabbatical and who have since grown stronger and continue to make me proud to be back with my 360 family.”


“I am forever grateful and thankful for my three families – blood, chosen and work. (If you would like to join my work family, check out our recently posted positions!) I’m also thankful for the amazing association community for always supporting one another.”

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