December 14, 2017

Surviving Social Media

According to an article by Nextweb contributor, Simon Kemp, there are over 3 billion active social media users in the world. I can’t wrap my head around how many posts, likes, or tweets that amounts to, but what I can say is that it has proven to be a phenomenal tool.The social media platform is cutthroat. It's like a digital version of The Hunger Games, one misstep and your audience will eat you alive. In the world of marketing, social media is crucial. Here's a look at some ways to help you survive the social media realm.

Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience keeps your social media page relevant. Conduct research and analyze the demographics of your audience. This information helps you develop rich, relatable posts for your audience.You can also create a brand-specific survey and ask your clients or followers to take part. This gives you an opportunity to see where you stand on the social media platform and close any gaps that might exist.

“Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words”

This saying may sound cliché, however, it became popular thanks to a 1913 ad for an auto supply store. I can’t hear the phrase “They’rre great!” without thinking about Tony the Tiger and Frosted Flakes. Images are just as powerful as the tagline.Almost every post should contain high-quality images that represents your brand and your style. Images are personable and allows your audience to get a glimpse of your process. Use platforms such as Instagram to connect with your audience, they'll appreciate it more than you know.

Stay Organized

A common mistake I see businesses make is not staying on top of their social media accounts. I understand, social media management can be a lot to deal with. However, avoiding it can isolate your followers and your brand. Whether we like to admit it, the social media craze has become a new form of communication.Planning your social media posts a month in advance means having a stash of content ready for publication. Using a spreadsheet to help you keep track of your social media campaigns will help you stay on top of it.The awesome thing about this process is that you can have a fresh pair of eyes scan your scheduled posts and make edits.

Don’t Be Boring

Social media can be a downer sometimes, but you don’t have to make it that way. Engaging with your audience builds trust and draws people to your business. I like to laugh and have fun and so does your audience. Make your social media page light and airy.Offer fun facts about things that relate to your product, host a live Q&A session, participate in a live chat session, post funny memes, and videos. Audiences love you can relate to them on a human level. And that’s also how you get more shares and likes, which is always a good thing.

Quality is King

The quality of your posts are more important than the quantity. Misspelled words, unverified information, making false promises, or having unsavory pictures is a terrible thing. Your audience can turn on you as quickly as they love you—and that can be a disaster.It’s crucial that you’re careful about what you post not how much you post. As fun as social media can be, it’s still the internet. Every word and every picture on your social media account is forever in the internet universe. Negativity can make it hard to bounce back and regain the trust of your audience. Always double-check your sources, images, and content before you click send, otherwise it could backfire.

Have a Quick Response Time

Digital communication is still communication and holding a conversation requires two parties to respond. Responding to every private message, comment, or post, shows your audience you care about what they have to say. This is where you build consumer trust for your brand.Although it's impossible to respond every second of the day, attempt to do so. Even if you need a little time to find an answer to a question, it helps your followers to know you’re paying attention.

It’s Okay to Ask For Help

I would be lying if I said social media isn’t overwhelming. One person trying to improve their brand in real-time while also keeping up with their social media accounts can be a lot to take on.Unless you’re a social media ninja, you may need to call for backup, and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean you failed, it means that there’s someone that cares about your brand and can convey its message on a digital platform.

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