April 11, 2019

So What?

School teaches you that having the right answer makes you successful.

It does, but only to a certain extent.

What is the capital of North Dakota?


So what?

Facts in business are table stakes. Facts can be referenced in seconds.

What are the latest organic SEO best practices?

What elements should go into a marketing strategy?

What is the appropriate dress code for a new business meeting?

You don't win by knowing facts alone. You must do something with them if you want to create real impact. Rote facts, after all, are the foundation of every great thing ever envisioned. Mere building blocks. Stepping stones to something bigger and better.

You know you've transitioned from an individual contributor to a leader when you're no longer excited by simply knowing all the facts and, instead, you find yourself energized by consistently doing something proactive with them.

Note: This post contains a whole lot of “what."

So what are you going to do differently as a result of reading it?

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