August 14, 2017

Right Now Is the Youngest You Will Ever Be for the Rest of Your Life

Having recently celebrated a birthday, I was thinking about being young and being old. I decided that it’s really just about being. Being who I am, at this age, at this moment in my life, at this stage of my career, my life, my journey.Is that how it is for you? It’s said that all unhappiness is a result of comparison. What’s the use in comparing yourself to someone younger, older, wealthier, more or less beautiful than you think you are, someone with more or fewer possessions than you?The turning point in our lives, I think, comes when we know who WE are, not who we are in comparison to someone else. That we can just be. Be who we are.Remember the question, what do you want to be when you grow up? Well, we’re grown up now, and this is who we are, not what we do, what we have or how we look.Who we are is how we live, how we love, how we contribute, how we are.You will never be any younger than you are at this moment, but it’s not about being young, old or successful – it’s about being. Being the best version of who we are.Here’s to the incredible lightness of being.

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