October 7, 2019

No Problems No Progress

Everyone working in a service business, and that is 80% of the private-sector workforce, is in the problem-solving business. Agree?Every day we are confronted with the opportunity to diagnose, study, debate, and ultimately solve a problem. A programming problem, a creative problem, a health problem—pick an industry, and there are thousands of problems to be solved every day.And what is a problem? It’s just a matter or situation that has to be overcome and resolved. If you don’t like problems, you’re not going to have a very happy or successful career in a service business.Problems are job security, opportunities to shine, to learn, to serve.Yes, there are problems that are life or death, but most are not. The first time we are faced with a new problem it can be scary. The second time we see that problem it’s actually fun, because we’ve slain that dragon before.And the good news is that there are few problems that haven’t been solved by others, and they have lived to tell their tale. Ask around, read, and learn who has been where you are. There is no glory in solving a problem alone.Become known as the go-to person who solves problems, and you will become the leader, mentor, and ally that your organization needs, and it’s just plain more fun.No problems, no progress.What progress will you make today?

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