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Lucky '21

The number 21 is often associated with luck: it’s the nickname of the card game Blackjack and the sum of the numbers on a single die, 21 grams is the purported weight of the human soul, a 21-gun salute is a sign of honor for deceased heads of state, and it’s the number of the new year we are now about to experience.

Will it be lucky? Is there really anything that we can attribute to luck? Does luck even exist?

It’s said that our life is determined by our genetics, our choices, and luck. Feel free to argue this, but for now let’s just focus on luck and choices.

Choices really are the only controllable of these three variables. We are making micro-choices (what to watch on TV), meta choices (what we eat), and mega choices (who we marry or even if we marry) every day and over the entire course of our life.

Luck seems to come into play when our choices create conditions (or don’t) for it to knock on our door. In fact, I remember hearing that L.U.C.K. can be an acronym for Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.

What this means to me is that the choices I make at every level put me in position for luck to either favor me or pass me by. Louis Pasteur is noted as having said that “fortune favors the prepared mind.” Replace fortune with luck, and there you have it.

We all must do the best we can with the genetic hard wiring we were born with. Those are our inherited characteristics that we must accept, embrace, and be proud of. What choice do we have?

The good news as I see it, is that the choices we make and the luck that those choices can bring to our doorstep, are ours to influence, preordain, and even control.

2021 will be a year where the conditions for luck, better health, a better business environment, a better civil environment, and even a better society are within reach.

If you believe your choices can influence your luck, this can be an amazing year for each of us to just do the next right thing (yes, I know this is a song from Frozen II).

I’m going to try and make choices this year that will improve my odds of 2021 being lucky.

When will you decide on what kind of luck 2021 will bring your way?

Don Neal
Founder & CEO

360 Live Media

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