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Letting Go

So often we define ourselves by what we attach to: where we went to school, where we worship, our title, our zip code, the label on our shirts, purses, shoes or our political affiliation. It’s not always intentional, and it’s not a criticism. It just is what it is.

So, why do we do that? From where I sit, I think it's because we're all looking for meaning. We want to be accepted. We are seeking approval. We all, at times, judge and know we’re being judged. We are all insecure at some level and want to belong and to fit in.

But in fact, we're all a lot more alike than different. Your DNA and mine are 99.9% the same. And so is everyone else's.

My question is: what if we let go? Let go of what we resist. Let go of our self-identification. Let go of our story. Let go of the fear, insecurity, and attachment.

In return, what could we pick up, consider, reconsider, embrace, and adopt, not in place of what we let go of but as a new beginning?

I was asked recently what I’d do if I wasn’t afraid.

Ask yourself that same question. The answer many set you free.

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