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Independence Day

Independence as a nation was a marvelous and, in many ways, miraculous achievement for the newly formed United States.

We became free to enact laws, govern, build institutions, and begin the process of building a more just and civil society. Much has been accomplished and much is left to do.

And once again, as we celebrate our independence we should also seek more dependence. Dependence on the ties that bind us—the new freedom we are now enjoying as we beat back the trauma that COVID brought to our doorsteps and the possibilities for healing as a nation even when we can’t see how at this moment.

The recognition of our dependence on one another, and the resulting interdependence that produces, is THE necessary step in our more united state of heart, mind, and action.

We all want someone we can depend on. We want to depend on those we entrust to govern, protect, teach, lead, work with, and live with. In these times of division and mistrust, we can remember that if we extend the olive branch of trust, if we take that small step to depend upon others, and if we ourselves are dependable, we will be stronger.

Independence has its place, but let’s honor this Independence Day by remembering some of the most important virtues the founders depended on for the success of our newly formed nation—civil discourse, honor, justice, and integrity.

I hope you and your family enjoyed Independence Day, 2021.

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