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Here Comes the Sun: A Tsunami of Opportunity is Upon Us

We have all endured 13 months of winter, and now spring is finally here; however, this is a spring unlike any we have ever experienced—a season yes, but much more. Spring 2021 is one of rebirth and renewal— an opportunity to clear the cobwebs of the past 13 months of metaphorical winter, and for us to make a major spring forward in our approach to life and work.

An actual metal spring is a good example of the coiled-up demand, desire, and dormant passion that we’ve all tamped down and been unable to express these past 13 months. The tension, pressure, and constraints we have endured are coming to an end. We’ve all emotionally stored-up what is known as potential energy, which is energy held within an object that has no outlet. We’ve had no office to go to, no gym, no parties, no worship services, no weddings, no funerals...no outlets for the stored tension and energy to be expressed. We’ve all been coiled springs, and now, as we enter this new season of vaccines, office re-openings, indoor dining, movie theatre openings, families reuniting, communities coming together, in-person events being planned, and cherry blossoms blooming here in D.C., where I live, spring takes on new meaning. 

Yes, we have to be careful— remaining diligent and determined; nonetheless, we can see the sun, buds on the trees, and many of us now have CDC vaccine cards–soon we all will. I’m meeting with people in person, seeing friends, planning to attend two weddings this fall, and working with many organizations to plan major in-person events in August and beyond.

I am planning for a resurgence unlike anything I could have imagined just a few short months ago. The economy is projected to grow by as much as 6%--an unprecedented level. Consumer confidence is booming, new businesses are forming by the thousands, markets are recovering, and politics doesn’t have to dominate our lives if we choose not to let the rhetoric rile us. We have the option to see the future through a new lens if we choose.

Rose-colored glasses will eventually blur your vision, but for just a while, why not see the spring of 2021 as a rebirth of what it means to be alive, to be an American, and to be part of a new era that can bring us together again?

“Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s alright.”—The Beatles

Don Neal
Founder & CEO

360 Live Media

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