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Greed is NOT Good. Ambition Is!

In the 1987 movie “Wall Street,” actor Michael Douglas made famous the phrase “greed is good.” It captured the perception of how many people in America viewed what was wrong with the financial sharks that dominated the go-go economy of that era.

Greed is NOT good. Greed is an intense desire for something, especially wealth or power. Greed is selfish.

Ambition, on the other hand, has a bad rap. Ambition is what fuels progress, discovery, innovation, alleviating suffering, making things better.

Ambition directed in pursuit of the right goal, mission, or motive is what has given us every benefit that we enjoy. Better food, safer working conditions, every piece of technology that we experience every day, every vaccine—the list is endless.

Ambition is a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

So, are you ambitious?

What inspires your ambition? What compels you to direct your ambition to inspire others? What is your ambition for the audiences you seek to attract to your event? What ambition do you have to design an event that is truly indispensable and irresistible and that stands out in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace?

I can tell you for sure that your competitors are ambitious. They want to win, dominate, and achieve market share gains that can only come from one place—your event.

We are drawn to the ambitious leaders who do what it takes to succeed. Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr., every successful NFL quarterback, and everyone working on events who want the best possible experience for the audience they are serving.

Ambition is THE number one determining factor for your success. How bad do you want it? How hard will you try? What will you put at risk? What will you fight for?

The most successful events are conceived and led by the most ambitious meetings professionals and experience designers.

If that’s you, congratulations. You will have career job security—the world needs you. You are what makes all of us better. Thank you for your ambition and drive.

If you’re ready to let your ambition genie out of the bottle, what are you waiting for? Today is the youngest you will ever be, and no one is going to send you a permission slip to switch on your ambition. And I bet your team is waiting to be led in a bold, optimistic, and ambitious direction.

On second thought, consider this moment the exact right time to give yourself permission and let your ambition shine through.

Ambition is contagious, powerful and the secret ingredient for allowing you to stand out and be your best self.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus told us that big results require big ambition—make this your year to go big!

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