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Now More Than Ever...What You Do Matters

Associations and professional societies have long been a central force in coalescing communities. Your members need those communities for moral support, reassurance, and for the human connections that shared professional interests enable.

Now more than ever, you can provide leadership

Of course, the economy is on everyone's minds, too. Organizations and businesses that rely on members to buy their products and services are looking for new ways to access those customers and prospects to rebuild their sales pipelines and keep their workers employed.

Now more than ever, you can innovate.

All aspects of your organization's value can be “fast-tracked” by reimagining how your most important asset can be put to new use: Your event portfolio.

Your events are the one thing that can help your organization, your members, and your industry partners get back to business. For many of you reading this, your events are as much as 50% of your annual operating income.

Now more than ever, the show must go on.

Unfortunately, none of your events may happen for the balance of 2020. Even events in Q4 may be cancelled if a “second wave” of COVID-19 re-emerges in the fall.

So, if you have your virtual event plan underway and in development, congratulations. If you and your organization are still deciding if you need to pivot to a fully virtual event model, decide today to get started. Your members and your staff are depending on you.

If you have decided to shift from live events to virtual events and have questions, I hope you’ll contact us. Members of my team have designed and executed hundreds of virtual events and we are helping every one of our clients move to a virtual event model.

Now more than ever, we're here to help.

My team and I are currently offering 60-minute consultations—at no cost to leaders like you—who simply need advice and support during these unprecedented times. It is our way of saying thank you for everything the association and professional society community has done for 360 Live Media.

On April 12th, we will enter of 10th year of business proudly working with this community and we are here to help you navigate this new era of serving YOUR community.

If you would like some help, please contact us today to request a consultation and we’ll get things scheduled.

Thank you and stay well,

Don Neal

Founder & CEO

360 Live Media

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