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Event Planning Advice from My Dog

June 27, 2019

It’s been a really busy couple of weeks, so my pup, Pepper, guest wrote this week’s Otter Talk for me. Henlo Hoomans!I am heckin excited to do this favor for my dog mom, Beth. Of course, as a pupper, I’m always heckin excited!I do not like that Beth has to travel away so many times from me. She tells me that when she goes it is to help hoomans make their events better. So I thought if I just told you all here how to do this, she could stay home with me and give me more pets on my tummy.Advice #1: Always be excited in greeting everyone! I have the important job of greeting my hoomans every time they come into the house. Whether it’s been 5 days or 5 minutes, I make sure my excitement level is the same. I also like to say henlo to everything very loudly when I’m outsides. I want everyone to hear how much I love them! Beth says that you should throw a party when frens pick up their rezistation badges so they know you are happy they came. But don’t stop there. Give them a party every morning when they come to your event. With treatos! Which leads to advice # 2…Advice #2: Treatos! You need many many many treatos for an event. You need them in the morning and in the afternoon and the evening. A variety of treatos is best. You need things that cronch and things that slurp, and things like chimken. Chimken is a very important treato. Beth says that treatos don’t have to be food. I think she is doin me a bamboozle! Food is the best treato! But Beth says that you have different treatos for different hoomans. Some hoomans think that music is a treato. Some hoomans think that surprises are a treato. She says to think about your hoomans and what kind of treatos they would like best. (I still vote for chimken).Advice #3: Naps! Naps are super imports. I keep a very busy napping schedule and my older sister doggo, Fia, naps even more than me! When Beth comes home from these events she is always super tired. She says it is because they start early in the morning and you run around all day and there are too many things for your brains. And you do this for several days in a row. I get tired just listening about it! My advice is that every day you should have 3 mandatory quiet times. Here is how my day goes: I wake up for breakfasts and outsides, then I nap after breakfasts. In the afternoonz I go for walkies and then I have another nap after this because I’m heckin tired. Then I wakes up for dinners and zoomie time and I have some couch cuddles before bedtime. Beth said this is like having some quiet space after a general sheshion, and breakout sheshions, for hoomans to think and process what they’ve learned. And also, not to keep people out too late.Advice #4: Playtime! When I am not napping I’m a playin. A pupper needs lots of different things to play with, to keep our brains engaged. If I just have the same toys for a long time I get bored with them and I look for new toys. Sometimes Beth leaves her feet wraps on the floors for me and I play with those. They are heckin good for chewin! Beth says that the same thing happens with hoomans. When they sit in a place too long, their brains get bored and they start chewin on things too. They spend time starting at the tiny screenz and not paying attentions to what they are supposed to. I hate the tiny screenz! Beth says do not make your general sheshions too long, with just hoomans talking at other hoomans. She says do shorter talks and make sure the hoomans have time to talk togethers. For hoomans, solving problems is like playtime, so give them problems to solve together and they will be happys!Advice #5: Go outsides. Sometimes when Beth spends too much time staring at the tiny screenz and the bigger screenz I have to remind her to go outsides. Outsides is a very fun place to be with lots of things to snoff and investergate. When Beth goes away to the big cities she spends all her time at the events and does not see the things the big cities are famous for. She always says she just sees airports and hotels. She is in a rush to come home and give me pets so she does not stay for extra days to explore. I think she misses out with this. Outsides is the best! And outsides in new places is even betters!!! I have solved this problem for her. When you have your events and you have the quiet times, make sure the quiet times are outsides. Let your hoomans go and see things. You might have to take them. I can’t go exploring on my own so Beth takes me places. You can take your hoomans places too. Why have your events in a big famous city if you never get to see the big famous city? You can just stay home instead with your doggos and puppers and give them pets and treatos instead. Also, when I go outsides I see lots of things and have new ideas. Beth says she gets her best ideas after we do walkies.So these are my advices for you. I hope you find them heckin valuable! I am happys to share my smarts with you. Now I have to go away from this bigger screenz and ask Beth for some treatos for my hard work!

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