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Memorial Day: A Day to Honor

I live in Washington D.C., a city of memorials, monuments, museums, a sacred military cemetery, and artifacts that seek to remind us of those who have sacrificed and given their lives in the service of their country. Memorial Day is the one day a year that was dedicated for each of us to reflect, remember and honor those members of the military who died.

Somehow over the years, like so many other days of remembrance intended to honor an individual, idea, belief or symbolic date, the meaning of Memorial Day for many Americans became known for something else; the first day of summer, a day off from work, a three-day weekend.

Today is the day we all take a moment and think about the men and women who suffered, endured and died for our country. I’m extending my thanks also to the honorable men and women who currently serve in every branch of the military, the police and the firefighters who protect us.

I have an American flag flying outside of my house. I’m proud to live in this country and I’m grateful for the freedom and liberty we have here in the U.S. Like everyone of us, I recognize the imperfection, flaws and injustices that we must be diligent and committed to correct.

But today, I am honoring those, who for the past 245 years have given their lives so we can continue to perfect this imperfect union.

Thank you to all of the fallen members of the American military!

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