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Enabling wider access to data knowledge

Naphsis, the cornerstone of secure vital records exchange between all 50 states, faced a twofold challenge. Their acronym-based brand, NAPHSIS: The National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information, no longer reflected their expanded role in the public health data space. Moreover, their websites, both public and member-facing, needed a redesign to promote clarity and functionality.  

360 Live Media partnered with Naphsis to transform their brand identity and website experience. Together, we created a modern logo that symbolizes seamless data exchange that better explained their mission and positioned them as a leader in their industry. Additionally, the brand transitioned from the acronym NAPHSIS to the noun: Naphsis — breaking free from the constraints the previous name created.  

The public and member websites were also completely revamped, shifting from content-based to user-based navigation, featuring digestible information, dynamic content, and enhanced SEO.  

This collaborative effort transformed Naphsis into a public leader in health information exchange. The new brand identity strengthened their recognition, while the user-centric websites created smooth experiences for both the public and members.

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A hub for vital records data

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