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From Denmark to the Entire Globe

modl.ai, a Denmark-based B2B game development AI powerhouse, was ready to dive into the U.S. market. With an innovative AI Engine, they aimed to break free from traditional development constraints and deliver a superior gaming experience. Yet, global brand awareness remained a challenge.

Partnering with 360 Live Media, modl.ai embarked on a strategic PR program. Leveraging industry expertise, the team crafted a targeted plan to earn top-tier media coverage, establish thought leadership, and secure speaking engagements in E.U. and U.S. media markets. By engaging targeted outlets and highlighting modl.ai's groundbreaking technology, they aimed to propel the company's name into the global game development conversation.

Within 90 days, modl.ai secured coverage in WIRED, VentureBeat, and GameDeveloper.com. The momentum continued in 2023, with stellar support at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), solidifying their presence and fueling further media exposure. Today, modl.ai's U.S. market recognition continues to soar and pave the way for a future where AI empowers game developers.

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