Expanding Human-Centered Design

How 360 Live Media brought HFES to the forefront of human factors and ergonomics

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From niche association to thought leader

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) faced a challenge: despite being the world’s largest scientific association for its industry’s professionals, 67-year history, and active membership, its voice remained largely unheard beyond its own circles. 360 Live Media stepped in to change that, designing a strategic PR program that catapulted HFES into the national conversation.

By tapping into HFES's pool of subject matter experts and crafting a strategic thought leadership plan, 360 Live Media secured interviews and earned coverage in top-tier media outlets like USA Today, The Washington Post, and Reuters. This newfound visibility not only boosted brand awareness for the society, but also elevated HFES’s voice as a forefront leader in the crucial role of human factors and ergonomics among various industries.

After only 90 days, 360 Live Media's efforts delivered a dramatic impact. HFES's voice reached far beyond its usual scope, influencing broader conversations about human-centered design and its importance across industries. The established 360 Live Media rapport with HFES leadership fosters continued expansion of the PR program, promising even greater impact in the future.

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Catapulting HFES into the national conversation

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