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Meeting the evolving needs of patient care

For over 60 years, the formerly named ASHE Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition has been a cornerstone for healthcare facility professionals, providing them with essential knowledge and tools to create safe, efficient, and effective care environments. Recognizing the evolving needs of the industry, ASHE partnered with 360 Live Media to reimagine the conference experience.

360 Live Media developed a new brand name, visual identity and event strategy to reinvigorate its flagship event, now known as the "Health Care Facilities Innovation Conference.” The new name echoed the conference’s value to its dedicated community and aimed to help attract new, younger, and more diverse audiences. The revitalized Health Care Facilities Innovation Conference offers diverse programming tailored to the specific needs of facilities managers, directors, infection prevention professionals, sustainability experts, contractors, manufacturers, and consultants.  

The rebrand successfully paved the way for the ongoing advancement of healthcare facilities and reaffirms ASHE's dedication to supporting its ever-evolving community. The award-winning partnership between ASHE and 360 Live Media demonstrates that through collaborative rebranding efforts, we can empower industries to adapt and thrive in the face of change.


Building the future of health care facilities

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