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Laura Thevenot, ASTRO

Laura Thevenot

American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)
Laura Thevenot, ASTRO

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Laura Thevenot. I'm the CEO of American Society for Radiation Oncology. We hired a 360 Live Media about a year ago to really take a look at our annual meeting. They looked at all sorts of data that came to the meeting and researched it, met with my staff. We wanted to specifically look at generational learning and how different generations engage with content and networking. We also wanted to think about our exhibitors and how to better engage our exhibitors with our attendees. And we ended up with a very detailed three-year plan to move forward. We're just at the outset of moving forward on that plan. And I hope by the end of the three years, we're going to have a very different, very compelling must-attend meeting. So I would highly recommend 360Live Media. They were a pleasure to work with, very detailed, and brought their A-game and a really great team of people, that worked with my team to develop a whole new way of looking at our meetings. So I'd recommend them without reservation.