AIA Case Study

American Institute of Architects

AIA Case Study

The Opportunity

Every year, the AIA Conference on Architecture convenes thousands of architects to explore what’s new and changing in the architecture industry. The event serves as a platform that helps address how current events are shaping the architecture landscape, and it provides an opportunity for attendees to share thought leadership, showcase their work, and expand their professional network.

Typically, the AIA Conference on Architecture is held in a city that has a rich architectural history, such as New York or Chicago. However, due to the travel restrictions and safety concerns caused by COVID-19 pandemic, AIA chose to reimagine its in-person event in 2021. In partnership with 360 Live Media, AIA designed a four-part digital experience that took place between June and August of 2021. In addition to adapting the experience of their event for a digital environment, AIA also adapted their revenue strategy to reflect the value of the new offering and attract the largest potential audience to attend.

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