Start Your Journey at ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition 2022

Whether you are an Ambitious Professional, a Contemplative Learner, or a Relationship Maximizer, we've mapped out our top recommendations for this event.

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No matter what journey you’re on this year, 360 Live Media is here to help you make the most out of your time at ASAE Annual Meeting. Swing by the 360 Live Media Decision Accelerator to learn about how we support associations with event and marketing needs.

3rd Floor just outside the Expo Hall

Sunday, August 21:
11:30 am–4:00 pm

Monday, August 22:  
11:00 am–4:00 pm

All Our Limited-Edition Products

This year, 360 Live Media has developed 3 new products to make sure you have the best ASAE Annual Meeting ever! Each product has been carefully created to address event-attendee pain points.



One a Day Keeps the Bad Ideas at Bay

Fixitol targets the neural pathways in your brain responsible for marketing ideas. The quick-release gel capsules work instantly to clear idea constipation and soothe event-induced headaches.  Fixitol is available over the counter without a prescription.


Face-2-Face Lotion

Good Riddance Blemishes and Awkwardness!

Easily add Face 2 Face Lotion to your daily skincare routine! This miracle moisturizer is suitable for all skin types and is infused with extract of aloe, charisma, and charm to soothe your skin and give you a friendly glow. With Face 2 Face Lotion, you’ll radiate as much enthusiasm as you did at your first industry event!


Visionary Glasses

The Closest You’ll Get to Seeing the Future

Make a fashion statement while you re-envision your brand. Our Visionary Glasses feature a frame that flatters every face and lenses that can see the potential in every event.